Model Comparison Ovens

For the best viewing experience on a mobile device we recommend downloading the Retigo comparison of product lines by clicking the below PDF link.

  • Orange Vision
  • Orange Vision PLUS
  • Blue Vision
Orange Vision
Orange Vision PLUS
Blue Vision
Controls LED alpha numeric control panel with touch buttons 7" Touch screen quick response technology 8" Touch screen quick response technology
MyVision – Customized menu so you have all you need right on the main screen
Pictograms – Take a food picture on the main screen. Match it with a program. Touch it to get the desired cooking results repeatedly
AHC (Active Humidity Control) – Automatic humidity control for great cooking results. Including automatic dehumidification system
Rack timing – Set individual rack times for multi product cooking
Easy Cooking – Get great results even with less experienced chefs thanks to easy cooking guidance
Delta T cooking – Use advanced cooking method to reduce shrinkage on slow roasted meats getting amazing results
Cook & Hold – Let it cook and held serving temperature
Golden Touch – Add a golden-brown, crispy finish with just a touch
Extras (Sous-vide, Drying, Sterilization, Confit, Smoking) – Great way to make your menu special
Multitasking – Unique opportunity to work with a display during cooking
Learn function – All cooking adjustments are recorded. At the end you save great results achieved and recall them again when needed
Last 10 – Cooking process easy to be used again by just a touch
EcoLogic – Energy consumption shown right on the screen. Keeps your cost under control
Programs / steps 99/9 ( 1000/20 ) 1000 / 20
Core probe – temperature inside the food core controlled automatically 1 Point 1 Point 6 Points
Electronically cotrolled flap valve – for crispy and nicely coloured cooking results
Fan timing – 3 steps for greater evenness and gentle cooking
HACCP records – Easy and immediate analysis of critical cooking points On Screen On Screen
Active Cleaning – Low-cost automatic cleaning. No chef‘s time spent on cleaning any more
Hand shower Side Fixed / Retractable Side Fixed / Retractable Side Fixed / Retractable
LAN connectivity
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not available

Full PDF comparison chart download