Dipna Anand Live Cooks

Dipna Anand Live Cooks at HRC 2024

Retigo partners with Dipna Anand, an award-winning celebrity chef and author, as brand ambassador. This exciting new relationship was announced on Tuesday, March 26th, at 12pm, at Retigo’s largest-ever booth at the HRC show in London.

Dipna Anand is a regular guest on James Martin’s Saturday morning BBC television show and co-owner of the Brilliant Restaurant in London. Dipna will represent the Retigo brand at various events throughout the year and on her social media channels.

Craig Barnett, Retigo UK’s National Sales Manager, says: “We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Dipna; she’s such a down-to-earth, genuine person and at the same time so professional; she has the same values and enthusiasm for what she does, exactly the same as Retigo, “The partnership just fits perfectly.”

Dipna Anand, a celebrity chef, says, “I first heard about Retigo a few months ago and was impressed with the quality of Retigo combi ovens.” My colleagues and I at Brilliant Restaurant enjoy it, and the support we’ve had from Retigo has been fantastic. I am looking forward to our close collaboration; we have a lot of exciting new initiatives in the works.”

Retigo has been designing and manufacturing quality combination ovens for 31 years, and this year marks the third anniversary of the company’s UK subsidiary, Retigo UK LTD. We offer complete UK-based support services, including sales, technical, installation, marketing, and chef support. For additional information, please contact our office at ukoffice@retigo.co.uk or 0330 223 4411.

Dipna Anand Live Cooks